Criminal Litigation

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Criminal Law is an extreme field of practice coverning all those aspects that entail crime as its factor. Every act or omission that violates a command, derives its force from legislature or from authority – either political or religious – that has absolute sway over the matters of state is considered to be a crime. This is the reason that state stands as a prosecutor against the alleged culprit. The main intention of criminal law is to maintain the sway of state in all matters involving acts or omissions: no act or omission that challenges the sway of the state can be allowed by the criminal law of the state.
Pakistan has a rather outdated but very detailed criminal code that generally covers all aspects of what constitutes a crime. In order to understand Pakistan’s penal code, it is also necessary to understand the country’s socio-cultural phenomena. Most of Pakistan’s criminal laws were introduced by the British Empire when India was a colony and Pakistan was a part of it. Nevertheless, efforts were made to understand the social situation, and criminal law was also attempted to conform to the cultural conditions of the colony. This is why India and Pakistan voluntarily adopted it after liberation from the British Empire.
The Code of Criminal Procedure (No. 5 of 1898), which applied to the colonies, is still the statutory code of criminal procedure followed by most Pakistani courts. Likewise, the penal code introduced in the colony (XLV 1860) is still largely enforced in the form of the Pakistan Criminal Code.


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