Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owners by law. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are the protections granted to the creators of IP, and include Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Design Rights, and in some jurisdictions, trade secrets. It is important to note that even artistic works including music and literature, as well as inventions, words, phrases, symbols, and designs can all be protected as intellectual property.

There is nothing more deflating than to see someone claiming your intellectual property/invention/discovery as theirs. Also, the risk of online theft and data breach has increased tenfold since the dawn of the digital paradigm. In light of the above statement, our attorneys offer a comprehensive range of legal services for the identification, development, acquisition and protection of intellectual property assets and related technology. Our advocates have represented various companies and individuals in relation to their IPRs and infringements, and have successfully obtained favorable orders from the Honorable Courts on behalf of our clients.


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